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Investment and Financial Opportunities for the Dental Community

Join Catapult Crown to discover exclusive dental investment opportunities and tailored financial services.

Investment Opportunities

Catapult Crown gives the dental community the ability to access a curated selection of startups that have been thoroughly reviewed by dental experts. Eligible individuals are offered the opportunity to invest in the same way as experienced investors.

About Catapult Crown

Catapult Crown is part of the prestigious Catapult Group, the largest dental education platform in the world.

Catapult Crown was built to allow the Dental Community to gain access to VC-level investment opportunities. As the largest global dental investing platform, it empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging dental companies.

Catapult Crown’s Dental team, led by Dr Lou Graham, Dr Ron Kaminer and Dr Darryl Alter, vet and select cutting edge dental companies that are then given over to due diligence by a financial team that has already invested in over 200 start-ups. Once both teams give their approval, the company is onboarded onto our platform.

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